Business Privilege License FAQ

Business Privilege License FAQ
  1. How do I determine what type of business license that I need?

    Please reference the following links: Quick Reference Guide
    as well as Business License Handbook
    You may also call our office at 251-574-8561
  2. Do I need a Privilege License if my business is service only?

    Many service businesses do not need a State of Alabama Privilege License issued by the License Commission; however, there are many that require the license. Contact our office by email click here or call 251-574-8561 about your specific circumstance.

  3. I sell only at wholesale. Do I need a license?

    Sellers of tangible personal property at both retail and wholesale are required to have a license, and in some cases more than one license section will apply. Contact our office by email click here or call 251-574-8561 about your specific circumstance.

  4. I already have a license issued by a city in Mobile County. Why do I need one from the state/county?

    The state, counties and municipalities regulate businesses within their boundaries. Acquiring a license from a municipality satisfies that entity's requirement but municipalities are within the confines of a county and the state and are subject to the license requirements of those jurisdictions also.

  5. I already have a state/county privilege license from another Alabama County. Do I need to procure a state/county license from Mobile County?

    Several licenses issued by us are valid statewide; however, most of them are specific to the county where issued. Contact our office by email click here or call 251-574-8561 and we can verify if additional licensing is required in Mobile County.

  6. I want to do business with someone that advertises they are “licensed, bonded and insured”. How can I check to be sure?

    Contact our office by email click here or call 251-574-8561 and we can verify if the business in question has (or needs) a State of Alabama Privilege License. Any license required by a State regulatory agency must be verified with that agency. Companies should be able to furnish you with proof of insurance and bonding in much the same way you have to show liability insurance when operating a vehicle.

  7. When does my Privilege License expire, and when can I renew it?

    All Privilege Licenses expire September 30 each year and can be renewed without penalty October 1 through October 31. Early renewals are not allowed.

  8. Is there a penalty if I renew my license late?

    Late renewal is subject to a 15% penalty of the license cost, plus monthly interest.

  9. What are my renewal options?

    You can renew online You can also visit our Michael Square Location or you can renew by mail.
  10. Can I renew my State of Alabama Privilege License online?

    Please go to to renew online.

  11.  When can I renew my State of Alabama Privilege License online?

    The online business license renewal system will renew business licenses during October 1 through October 31 only.

    If any information on your business license has changed, you will need to contact the Business License Department at 251-574-8561.

  12. I am interested in becoming a licensed car dealer. What do I need to do?

    Alabama law requires that automobile dealers must submit an Act 539 regulatory license to the License Commission prior to issuance of the §51 Privilege License; Act 539 regulatory licenses are issued by the Alabama Department of Revenue in Montgomery. Additional information is available on the ADOR website at the following link.

  13. I want to sell products during Mardi Gras in Mobile. Do I need a license?

    Yes. Complete our Itinerant Vendor application available in the forms section and mail or fax to our office; describe completely all goods you will be selling. We will contact you with the cost of your license. Please refer to HERE for more information regarding additional municipalities.

  14. I am no longer in business in Mobile County. Who do I notify?

    Submit a statement on company letterhead that your business in Mobile County is closed, giving the effective date of the closure and your most recent business license number. Fax the letter to 251-574-8103 or mail to Business License Department, Mobile County License Commission, P. O. Box 161009, Mobile, AL 36616.