Payment Information

Cash Payments:

  • All forms of United States Currency are accepted.

Check Acceptance Policy:

  • Checks MUST be payable to Mobile County License Commission or MCLC.
  • Customer’s Full Name and a Mobile or Baldwin County address MUST be imprinted on the check (P.O. Boxes are NOT accepted).
  • Customer’s Home or Cell Number with area code must be present on the check either written or printed.
  • Valid Driver License or Non-Driver Identification MUST be presented to the clerk.
  • Starter and Counter Checks are NOT accepted.
  • Credit Card Checks are NOT accepted.
  • Two Party Checks are NOT accepted.
  • All DISHONORED CHECKS will be processed through Envision™ Payment Solutions and are subject to a service fee. In providing a check as payment you authorize service charges and processing fees, as determined by law, to be debited from the same account via paper draft or electronic transfer.

Renewing a tag for someone else with a check:

  • The Owner's Check (signed by the owner).
  • A copy of the Owner's Driver License.
  • Photo ID of the person presenting the check.
  • The Owner's Courtesy Renewal Card

Cashier's Check Acceptance Policy:

  • MUST be payable to Mobile County License Commission or MCLC

Credit Card Acceptance Policy

  • We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover.
  • The last names of the card's owner and registration MUST be the same and the card's owner MUST also be present.
  • Customers using a VISA, MasterCard or Discover will be charged a 2.3% or $1.50 minimum fee (Alabama Legislative Act # 2010-268)

Other Restrictions may apply and it is at the discretion of management to accept or refuse payments at any time