Handicap Tags

Handicapped License Plates:

Applications for handicapped license plates may be obtained from any office of the License Commissioner. Application must be signed by a local physician and vehicle must be titled in the name of the person making application.

Handicapped Placards:

Handicapped placards may be obtained by submitting an application. Vehicle does not have to be titled in name of the handicapped person and the placards may be displayed in any vehicle in which the handicapped person is a passenger. Click here to get the application.

1. All persons qualifying for the first time must be certified by a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy licensed by a state, district, or territory of the United States to practice medicine, or a person employed by the U.S. Government to practice medicine in a federal facility.

2. For those qualifying for the first time, a physician must complete and sign the bottom portion of Form MVR 32-6-230. Please note that the physician MUST print and sign his/her name and include the office telephone number, city and state.

3. All applicants must complete the top portion of Form MVR 32-6-230 and sign it.

4. Mail the completed form to: Nick Matranga, License Commissioner P.O. Drawer 161009 Mobile, AL 36616

5. In order to return the placard to you in a timely manner, please assist us by giving your current placard number(s)

6. Please be sure to provide the Alabama driver’s license or Alabama non-driver’s ID number and expiration date for the applicant (the person for whom the privilege is extended). In the event the applicant has an out-of-state license, he/she will need to provide the license number and expiration date, along with two current utility bills with a local Mobile address in his/her name for proof of residency.

Placards must be displayed in a manner which allows it to be viewed from the front and rear of the vehicle, hung from the front windshield rearview mirror, and utilized in a parking space reserved for persons with disabilities. Where there is not a rearview mirror, the placard should be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Remove the placard when not parked.

Please Note: Placards may be ordered by mail through our customer service department or in person at one of our locations. First time application for handicapped license plates may be obtained from the office of the License Commissioner. The old tag must be turned in to the License Commissioner's office before a handicap tag will be issued.

For additional information regarding handicap tags and placards call: (251) 574-8563.