General Information

When registering manufactured homes, models 20 years or newer require a title or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO). All models require a bill of sale. You have 30 days from the purchase date in which to register your manufactured home without penalty.

You can be cited if the manufactured home decal is not displayed properly. Citation fees are $15.00. If not paid within 15 days, an additional $24 penalty will be charged. For additional information on manufactured homes call (251) 574-8551.

Before a manufactured home may be moved on the highways of Alabama, a move permit must be obtained from the office of the License Commissioner (available at Michael Square office only). One fee of $11.25 will be charged for the moving of each manufactured home (regardless of the number of transportable modules to be moved). Proof of payment of any applicable property taxes or the current registration fee, issuance fee, and any applicable penalties shall be required before the move permit will be issued. This move permit shall be in addition to any other move permits required by law. This move permit satisfies the requirement under the revenue manufactured home laws only.

 Manufactured Homes Exemptions

To qualify for an exemption on your manufactured home, you must be the owner and reside in the manufactured home to be exempt. If this is the first time you are filing for exemption from the Registration Fee on your manufactured home, you must provide the following based on the classification of your exemption:

1. Owner-occupied (or joint owner) 65 years of age or older you must provide one of the following. Please note you will be exempt from the registration fee, but not the $5.00 issuance fee.
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license

    2. Owner-occupied Totally Disabled (100%). Please note you will be exempt from the registration fee, but not the $5.00 issuance fee.
  • Letter from two physicians OR
  • Letter from the Veterans Administration OR
  • Letter from the Social Security Administration

    3. Non-resident Military. Please note you will be exempt from the registration fee, but not the $5.00 issuance fee.
  • Letter from Commanding Officer

    4. Inventory of dealer or manufacturer.

    5. Manufactured homes owned by governmental agencies receive a free decal that must be placed on the manufactured home.

    6. Non-profit agencies such as Salvation Army Inc., Volunteer Fire Department, United Fund agencies. Please contact the License Commission at 574-8551 for a full list of agencies that qualify for this exemption.

    7. Exemptions are only accepted during the months of October and November which are renewal months. After these months, the customer pays regular fees until next renewal season.

    NOTE: Exemption from payment of registration fees does not necessarily exempt registrant from payment of any delinquent fees, citation fees or penalties.